Whisky in Glasgow!

Travel through one of Scotland’s most iconic cities and visit whisky distilleries from old to new and from small to large! On this tour, we will take you to Auchentoshan distillery, a distillery founded in 1823! Then off to the Old Mill restaurant for a bite to eat. Right down the road, we will then visit Glengoyne Distillery which is a beautiful distillery and a great photo opportunity. Lastly, we will Visit Glasgow’s new Clydeside distillery, which has a very modern take on distilling.


City-inspired since 1823, Auchentoshan has a relationship with Glasgow that spans generations. The city is where traditional craft meets progressive thinking. That’s been the basis for Auchentoshan’s approach to producing Lowland whisky of distinction. An innovative approach to Single Malt with a real sense of place and purpose. This all makes every edition of Auchentoshan flavoursome, smooth and drinkable – a whisky as aggressively welcoming as Glasgow itself.


People often say that Glengoyne is Scotland’s most beautiful distillery. Thay are surprisingly easy to get to as well – just under 40 minutes from Glasgow. You’ll learn a lot about whisky here, and you’ll have a lot of fun while you’re at it. You will also be able to have a wee dram!


Clydeside distillery is the first distillery to open in Glasgow in over 100 years! They couldn’t have picked a better spot to place the distillery, it’s located on the site of the old Queens Dock where whisky would have been loaded by the ton on to ships to sail all over the globe! The location also allows for the stunning view from the still room!

The Old Mill

Sit back, relax, unwind and enjoy the seasons in the cosy bar, restaurant, yurt or beautiful garden. The perfect place for food & drinks in the rural village of Killearn!


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